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What To Expect First Visit

At Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are focused on setting your child up for a lifetime of dental health. We strive to make every visit stress-free and easy, so there is no need to be anxious for your appointment! Your child’s first dental visit will be focused on getting to know you and your little one and establishing a trustful bond between Dr. Nasem and your child. By tailoring your dental experience to your unique needs, we are able to deliver a better overall quality of care.

At your first visit, Dr. Nasem will discuss recommendations for diet and oral hygiene, and help you establish a great at-home oral care routine providing tips and tricks for brushing your child’s teeth. As a mother herself, Dr. Nasem knows how hard it can be to keep up with your child’s oral care, and she takes a compassionate approach to every visit.

Warm, Comforting Environment

Dr. Nasem strives to make each dental experience special to each child. As a mother herself, she and her staff treat each child with compassion and care.

Paperless Check In

Helping to protect our environment and make a parent's life as easy as possible, most forms and documents for the office can be easily filled out electronically and sent directly back to our office without ever printing anything on paper!

Kid Friendly, Experienced Staff

At Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, parents are always welcome to accompany their child for any and all of their appointments. Small children can even experience their whole visit from their parents' lap if it makes them feel more comfortable!

Thorough and Informative

Not only are you getting your child's teeth checked at you visit, Dr. Nasem provides oral hygiene feedback, diet suggestions and tips and tricks to help make your home care routine easy and fun.

Safe and Clean

Our office prides itself on providing the highest of standards of care to your family, this includes ensuring the cleanest, safest environment to receive dental care in. We utilize the highest water filtration techniques, medical grade air purifiers, and innovative equipment to provide cleanly care.

Happy Visits

Establishing trusting relationships with our patients is very important to us. That's why sometimes a child's first visit may simply be a meet and greet or an office tour. Dr. Nasem calls these "Happy Visits" and uses them to help establish rapport with all her patients. Kids take home a balloon, a toy from the token machine, a toothbrush, and goody bag after every visit for being a great helper!

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When Should I Bring My Child in for Their First Visit?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that every child visits the dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts. Bringing your child to our office for routine appointments from a young age will help you stay on top of your child’s oral health and keep you informed about their unique needs as they grow older.

Changes in oral development occur very quickly in the early years of childhood and it’s important to be aware of these changes. During routine visits, Dr. Nasem will track your child’s oral health over time to help you understand how best to care for their teeth. Contact us today to set up your first appointment!

What things can I do to help the first visit go smoothly?

1. Talk about the dentist and let your child know he/she will be meeting them soon
2. Read books or watch your child's favorite show about visiting the dentist
3. Show your child our website- the office, Dr. Nasem and staff pictures- so they can become familiar
4. Refrain from using words around your child that might cause unnecessary fear, such as "needle", "shot", "drill" or "hurt" - we do not use these words in our office

What Should I Bring?

For your first visit, remember to bring the following items:

  • Your child’s medical history
  • A list of any medications your child is taking
  • Your Insurance Information, if applicable
  • New patient forms (Fill out forms here)

Bringing in these documents will ensure that your first visit is as simple and efficient as possible. Haven’t filled out your new patient forms? Download them now and fill them out at your convenience!

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