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Tongue and Lip Tie Releases– Why Choose Treehouse?

  • Dr. Nasem has struggles with her own children’s tongue and lip ties, and has made it her mission to aid in the relief and finding solutions for other new moms. 
  • Dr. Nasem has studied under the top tongue tie specialists in the country and performed many releases on children of all ages, from days old to teenagers.
  • Dr. Nasem works closely with well known speech pathologists, lactation consultants, feeding specialists, body workers/ chiropractors and occupational therapists in Orange County for a comprehensive approach to treating her patients

The Benefits of Tongue and Lip Releases

  • Improves breastfeeding and latch
  • Improves sleeping
  • Improves speech sounds
  • Improves airway

Dr. Nasem’s Experience and Training

Dr. Nasem and her team have experience and training with the following certifications:

  • Tethered Oral Tissue Releases / Frenectomies
  • Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Diagnosis
  • Certified Lactation Education Counselor
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry Certified
  • Member of International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals

Soft Tissue Laser Technology

At Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we use one of the most advanced soft tissue lasers available for tethered oral tissue procedures. The benefits of this technology include:

  • Less Invasive
  • Less Discomfort
  • Less Swelling
  • Less Healing Time
  • Shorter Procedure

What Are Tongue and Lip Ties?

Often called a frenulum, a tongue, lip, or buccal tie is a small band of tissue that connects either the tongue to the floor of the mouth, or the lip to the gingiva. With a tongue tie, the tongue is attached too far forward or too tight to the floor of the mouth which does not allow the tongue and its eight muscles to function properly.

What Can Happen If a Tongue or Lip Tie Is Left Untreated?

Babies & Infants

Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding Difficulties:

  • Poor latch
  • "Chewing"
  • Clicking sounds
  • Sliding off breast/nipple
  • Ineffective milk transfer
  • Poor weight gain or weight loss
  • Hypernatremic dehydration
  • Fussiness or arching away from breast/nipple
  • Falling asleep at the breast/nipple

Toddlers & Children

Speech difficulties:

  • Poor articulation
  • Interferes with speech sounds
  • Sibilants and lingual sounds
  • Pronouncing certain letters

Dental complications


Food aversions and pocketing

Bed wetting

Sleep disorders

Attention deficit issues


Speech problems

Dental complications

Frequent headaches

Neck and body pain

What to expect during consultations

Consultation and Pre-Operation

Upon arrival, we will ask that you fill out a medical history of your child, including a form of signs and symptoms that may be related to tethered oral tissues that you may not realize are related.

A doctor on our team will discuss the paperwork with you, explain tongue tie and lip tie and how it is or could be affecting your child.  

Next, an examination is done as the child lays straddled across yours and the doctor’s lap with gentle finger pressure, no instruments. Tongue and lip movement and function will be evaluated as well as the child’s suckling.  

The doctor will then let you know what they have found and their recommendations. The laser treatment will be explained. Consents will be reviewed and signed and the procedure will be explained to you. Stretches and post op care will be reviewed.

During Procedure

Your baby will be taken to the procedure room by the doctor. Parents are not allowed in the procedure room for laser safety and regulatory reasons. You will only be away from your child for 10- 15 minutes.

Your child is held in an infant swaddle, just like theirs at home, eye coverings are placed on your child to protect their eyes and the procedure is completed with our CO2 laser. As soon as the procedure is completed, your child is brought to you in our private room. It is recommended to see a lactation consultant 48-72 hours after release to help start your new journey of breastfeeding.  

Post Procedure Care

The most important part of post op care is stretching exercises. The area must be stretched 6-8x a day for 2 weeks minimum to avoid reattachment. Care instructions will be given to you and stretches will be demonstrated prior to the surgery. You can expect some fussiness and discomfort for the first few days. Infant Tylenol can be used for pain. Coconut oil is recommended for stretches and healing.

Follow Up Care

We will conduct a 1-week post op exam to ensure tissues are still released and not reattaching. Myofunctional therapy, baby chiropractor and body work are all highly recommended to provide the greatest results.

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